22 November 2008

nazura ; iloveyou

day after day, it seems like we have less chemistry then before. back then, when we were lovers as if we are in our own world. u know baby, u were everything for me. but u just dont realize it. please tell me you love me. i have sacrificed so much for you, why u never appreciate what i've done for you? i hope too much from you, i have a very high expectations from you so that you can do something that can maintain our happy relationship. but in the end, you broke my heart into pieces. the pain that i have never felt before. the pain that no one could heave gone through before, the pain that anyone cant imagine. you turn our love from a beautiful sun shiny day to a some kind disaster. you did me badly. you were with someone new. someone that may give everything u want. i dont know. i would do just anything to make you come back to me, i would say all the cute and beautiful words so that i can prove to you that i am worth than anyone else. until today, i havent found the answer how much you love me. because people just keeps on getting out of my way. but, i just wanna let you know, u meant the world to me!


Ryn said...

rilexlah dol . jangan sedih-sedih lagi ok :)

Miss Delicious said...

sweet :)